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YES! We love volunteers! If you have skills in promotions and marketing, production, recording, website maintenance, or general office, please send a letter with your areas of interest to KFMG by clicking HERE.


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In the News...

28 Jan
All Things Cultural
Posted in Station News
Once upon a time it was thought that the only active culture in Des Moines was found at the AE Dairy in their yogurt products. Today of course we know better.

One of the KFMG's charter programs, The Culture Buzz continues to create an eclectic two hours of arts, culture, history, literature and more every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Authors, artists, musicians, filmmakers, actors and a wonderful array of cultural creatives making Greater Des Moines a better, more interesting, place.

Find out who and what is shakin', each Wednesday on Des Moines' community voice 99.1 KFMG and worldwide at www.KFMG991.org.

Make contact this week.

28 Jan
The Radio Mardi Archives
Posted in Station News
Marty Enslow has been a familiar face in the KFMG studios for quite some time now, as he has generously devoted much of his free time in helping to expand the vast library of tunes in our database.

This is in addition to his duties as the Talent & Research Coordinator for the Central Iowa Blues Society.

And now, Marty Enslow - music lover and all-around great guy - is offering more of his time to expanding KFMG's programming.

As host of THE RADIO MARDI ARCHIVES, he takes us back to an era of musical innovation and expanding freedom - not only musically but also socially and culturally. Marty spins some fine tunage from 1966 to 1976, reminding us of how much great music was created during that important time.

Tune in every Wednesday night for The Radio Mardi Archives from 7-10 p.m. and also catch Uncle Ronnie's Corner at around 8:30, when Marty lets Ron Sorenson join in on the vintage fun for a few tunes.

28 Jan
Ray's Record Roundup
Posted in Station News
We have a new Wednesday night program here at KFMG! Ray Knight hosts "Rays Record Roundup" from 6-7 p.m. And believe it or not, Ray plays some actual vinyl!

Listen for his weekly features, "The Soul Break" and The Kinks Kronicles."

Ray says, I honed my skills and knowledge with a brief stint at Music Circuit in the mid-'70s and a shop in Boston in the late '70s. I have a vast collection of vinyl LPs, 78s and CDs which I have put together over the last 40 years. I started buying 45s in my early teens and killed a lot of batteries falling asleep with a transistor radio glued to my ear. Im enjoying this opportunity to share new, sometimes forgotten and always interesting music with listeners.

28 Jan
Attend Critical Mass every Wednesday!
Posted in Station News
Two of Central Iowa's most informed and active writers on the music and entertainment beat have teamed up together to host KFMG's newest show, CRITICAL MASS, which airs every Wednesday afternoon from 1-1:30 on KFMG (right after The Culture Buzz).

Joe Lawler, music writer for Juice and The Des Moines Register, and enjoyer of fine bacons, along with Chad Taylor, music writer for Cityview and managing editor of BandBombshell.com, will talk about and review concerts and other things of a musical nature in our neck of the woods.

Tune in to find out what happened, what is happening, what is going to happen, and what should be happening in the entertainment scene from these two fine purveyors of musical culture.

Chad Taylor and Joe Lawler
01 Jan
The Green Zone with Linda Mason Hunter
Posted in Station News
Take a minute or two to slip into The Green Zone. It's all about taking care of you, your family and the planet. Linda Mason Hunter is an award-winning author and nationally-recognized expert in the fields of green living and home ecology. Linda offers very basic tips to incorporate into your daily living to make Earth a better place.

4 times every day at approx. 2:50 a.m., 6:50 a.m., 4:50 p.m. and 9:50 p.m. It's another gift to the world from Des Moines on KFMG991.org.

For more information see www.hunterink.com. Contact her directly at Linda@HunterInk.com.

01 Jan
One Word After Another with Jim Autry
Posted in Station News
One of our most popular features. Yeah, it's poetry, but this isn't about Bambi in the meadow by a babbling brook ... it's totally up in your grill. Confrontational, emotional, powerful, and boy, does it ever make you think. This is GREAT stuff.

Take five and get a dose of Spoken Word every day at 3 a.m., 8 a.m., 3 p.m., and 9 p.m. CT on KFMG 99.1 FM and www.kfmg991.org.

01 Jan
Join us on Facebook!
Posted in Station News
Hey, Facebook and KFMG fans... you can also follow KFMG at our official Facebook page!

Go to www.facebook.com/KFMG99.1 and click on the "like" button and it will be easy to get quick updates on what is going on in the world of KFMG 99.1 FM - Your Community Voice and Des Moines' "Best Radio Station" as determined by you, our loyal listeners!